8650 Gulana Ave. #L2168 – Transaction Details

Date: May 24, 2018
Property Type: 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, 786 Square Foot Condominium
Purchase Price: $452,500.00
Year Built: 1971
Description: A rare off-market opportunity for both the buyer and seller.  After working with the seller to prepare to list this tenant-occupied unit, our pre-list marketing efforts caught the eye of a buyer, and we assisted both sides with closing the deal.

8650 Gulana Ave. #L2168 – Transaction Summary

In early 2018, the owners of this unit asked us to assist with preparing this condominium on Gulana in the booming area of Playa del Rey for sale in connection with their upcoming out-of-state move.  We began preparing the property for a summer sale in order to maximize the sale value.  After the property was ready, photographs had been taken, and the listing was ready to go, we agreed with our sellers to attempt to sell the property first without publicly listing it.  Our off-list marketing efforts ultimately led to identifying a buyer who jumped at the opportunity of securing a great deal.  We then assisted both sides with negotiating an agreeable purchase price.  Through our network of very capable mortgage brokers, we were also able to assist our self-employed buyer with working through several issues with the lender and homeowners’ association, ultimately resulting in our buyer securing a loan that may have otherwise been impossible.  Inspections and disclosures all went smoothly, as we were able to quickly coordinate with both sides to resolve their concerns and ensure that everybody was happy with the deal that was being struck.  In the end, our sellers were happy to sell the property without having to deal with publicly listing it and inconveniencing their tenant with showings, and our buyer was happy to secure this beautiful condominium within walking distance of the beach.

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