5639 Cielo Way, Los Angeles, CA 90028 – Transaction Details

Date: June 30, 2015
Property Type: 2 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom, 1,409 Square Foot Single Family Home
Purchase Price: $699,000.00
Year Built: 2015
Description: Represented yet another first-time home-buyer with the purchase of another lot in the Gramercy at Hollywood small-lot development by Beazer Homes.

5639 Cielo Way, Los Angeles, CA 90028 – Transaction Summary

After searching for several months for a single family home throughout the Los Angeles area, we introduced our client to this small-lot development in Hollywood, which we were already familiar with as a result of another client already being escrow. Our client chose the home only three lots down from our other clients, making them our first neighbor clients! Our buyer selected beautiful hardwood floors through, custom counter-tops, cabinets, fixtures, and more. The property includes a roof top patio with beautiful three hundred sixty degree views, including views of downtown and the West Hollywood. As with most business-owner clients, the loan process was more involved than most others, but the loan was ultimately approved at an excellent rate of just barely over 4.0%. The rest of the escrow process went extremely smoothly thanks to the experienced developer, who also gave our clients a chance to conduct a final walk through and point out touch-ups and other minor fixes that needed to be completed before the close of escrow. Congratulations to our clients on the purchase of their brand new single family home on Cielo Way.

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