4365 McLaughlin Ave., #22, Los Angeles, CA 90066 – Transaction Details

Date: October 23, 2018
Property Type: 2 Bedroom, 2.25 Bathroom, 1,402 Square Foot Condominium
Purchase Price: $780,000.00
Year Built: 1980
Description: Represented the sellers in obtaining multiple offers and selling at substantially above list-price.

4365 McLaughlin Ave., #22, Los Angeles, CA 90066 – Transaction Summary

After representing the buyers of this unit about five years earlier, our clients decided it was time to move on to another property.  We assisted them with the purchase of the new property, and also had the pleasure of representing them in the sale of what had become their “old” home.  We aggressively listed and marketed the property, and were able to obtain multiple offers after less than two weeks on the market.  The property was originally listed at $750,000.00, but as a result of our efforts we were able to secure a strong, very well-qualified offer at $780,000.00.  We also negotiated an up-front deal that absolved our clients of any responsibility for making repairs or issuing credits in connection with any issues that arose during escrow.  As a result, the escrow process was extremely smooth and hassle-free.  Escrow took thirty days, after which our clients were able to say goodbye to their old home in Mar Vista and hello to their new home in Redondo Beach.

Additional information and pictures can be found here.

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