2578 Military Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90025 – Transaction Details

Date: January 5, 2021
Property Type: 3 Bedroom, 1.75 Bathroom, 1,704 Square Foot Single Family Home
Sale Price: $1,730,000
Year Built: 1936
Description:  Represented sellers and assisted with successfully identifying motivated buyers to close on the sale of the home so that our clients could concurrently close on the purchase of their dream home.

2578 Military Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90025 – Transaction Summary

After assisting our clients with the purchase of this home just over two years earlier, our clients approached us in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic to assist with its sale.  Concurrently with the sale of this home, our clients were looking to purchase a new, larger home to accommodate their growing family.  We accordingly began tackling both transactions at once – assisting with identifying a replacement property, while also consulting and advising on how best to prepare the home for sale.  This preparation worked out perfectly, as we identified the replacement property at almost exactly the same time as finalizing the listing of this home for sale.  We managed to negotiate a purchase contingent upon the sale of the Military property, giving our clients the security of being able to complete their purchase using funds from their sale.  After an initial escrow with buyers who were not motivated to close the deal, we quickly identified new buyers, while managing to remain in escrow on our clients’ purchase and without conceding a significantly lower price.  This time our escrow went smoothly, allowing both our owners as well as the owner of the property they were purchasing to remain in their homes for the holidays.  Now, after a short two-year period, our clients turned a $130k profit on their home, helping them close the deal on their dream home.

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