2367 Jefferson St. #107, Torrance, CA 90501  – Transaction Details

Date: May 21, 2021
Property Type: 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, 741 Square Foot Condo
Purchase Price: $434,000
Year Built: 2007
Description:  Assisted out-of-country buyer with acquiring ideally located condo at below list price.

2367 Jefferson St. #107, Torrance, CA 90501 – Transaction Summary

Our clients approached us with the goal of identifying a small condo in Torrance for an older relative, preferably with great walkability and amenities.  The search led us to this 55+ complex situated ideally adjacent to Wilson Park, an expansive park covering 44.1 acres of land including tennis courts, horseshoe courts, fitness equipment, basketball courts, and more.  The popular twice-a-week Torrance Farmer’s Market also takes place in the parking lot of Wilson Park, making the location ideal.  The unit itself is in fantastic condition, and includes amenities like a meeting room, fitness room, common sitting and eating areas, and more.  Despite being in the midst of a hot seller’s market, we were able to negotiate a below list price purchase of this unit.  Inspections revealed that the unit is in exceptionally good condition, and yet we were able to negotiate a small credit in order for our clients to bring the unit into tip-top shape, so their family member can live there hassle-free.  With two clients in different locations, including one in Canada, the process was more complicated than a typical transaction, but our experience dealing with out-of-town clients made the process smooth and easy.  Close communication and efficient work with the escrow company and lender allowed us to seamlessly handle this transaction and close with an escrow period of just 32 days.  Now, our clients are the owners of this condo that is exactly what they were looking for, and their older relative will be able to live there comfortably and enjoy the many walkable amenities it has to offer.

Additional information and pictures can be found here.

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