18350 Summit Ave., Rialto, CA 92377 – Transaction Details

Date: October 25, 2018
Property Type: 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, 1,480 Square Foot Single Family Home
Purchase Price: $430,000.00
Year Built: 1994
Description: Represented the sellers of this fantastic home in Rialto on an enormous lot.

18350 Summit Ave., Rialto, CA 92377 – Transaction Summary

The owner of this home approached us knowing that there would be difficulties with this sale, including legal issues that impacted title as well as dealing with a tenant-occupied property.  We were of course up for the challenge, and the opportunity to prove our worth.  We started with taking over the listing from another agent who had been unable to sell the property.  After just one open house, we received a full-ask offer from a well-qualified buyer.  Our next step was to remove the tenants, which went smoothly.  The title process, as expected, raised issues concerning expired and invalid liens, which we were also able to have removed.  Inspections of course raised a variety of issues, particularly given that the home had been tenant occupied without much TLC, but we were able to aggressively negotiate and reach a deal that made everyone happy.  The escrow process took 60 days, which is slightly longer than we typically like, but given the numerous issues that arose we and our clients are extremely happy with the result.

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