1100 South Hope St. #604, Los Angeles, CA 90015 – Transaction Details

Date: July 12, 2016
Property Type: 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, 1,020 Square Foot Condominium
Purchase Price: $670,000.00
Year Built: 2007
Description: Assisted our buyer client with identifying and purchasing this beautiful unit at the Luma Lofts in Downtown Los Angeles on South Hope Street.

1100 South Hope St. #604, Los Angeles, CA 90015 – Transaction Summary

This client’s search is a perfect example of sometimes ending up where you begin.  After initially expressing interest in a unit at the Luma Lofts on South Hope Street in Downtown Los Angeles, we helped our client assess his options by viewing single family home options at comparable price points in areas adjacent to Downtown Los Angeles, including Lincoln Heights and the University Park area close to the University of Southern California.  After determining that a condominium unit in Downtown was preferable, we located Unit 604 at Luma Lofts on South Hope Street.  Originally priced at $709,000.00, after some negotiation our client was able to secure the property at the significantly discounted price of $670,000.00.  Not only is the unit itself impeccable with views of the city and amenities including a gym and pool, but it is located in the South Park area of Downtown, which has major development projects underway and shows promise for becoming the busiest and most attractive area of Downtown.  Not only that, but the property is conveniently located within a short walk of our client’s office, making it the perfectly located property for a hard-working young professional.

Additional pictures from the property’s MLS listing are available here.

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