Los Angeles Diversity Increasing According To LSE Study

Los Angeles Diversity Increasing According To London School Of Economis Study

According to a recent study published by the London School of Economics, Los Angeles diversity is on the rise. The study analyzed the percentage of the Los Angeles population that lived in “strongly segregated” neighborhoods in 2000 as compared to 2010. In short, in the year 2000 approximately 40% of the population lived in strongly segregated neighborhoods, with that number decreasing to approximately 33% in 2010. Thus, it appears that Los Angeles diversity is on the rise.

The study cited “the decline of homogenous white neighborhoods” as the most important shift in the past 10 years. In 2000, 32% of the white population lived in homogenous neighborhoods, with that number decreasing to 21% in 2010. Homogenous black neighborhoods decreased from 15% to 11% during the same time period. On the other hand, homogenous Hispanic neighborhoods increased from 31% to 33% and homogenous Asian neighborhoods increased from 12% to 18%.

While not the specific topic addressed by the study, the authors set forth various potential explanations for the shifts in Los Angeles diversity. An increase in the overall Hispanic population is purportedly attributable not only to the increase in homogenous Hispanic neighborhoods, but also an increase in mixed black/Hispanic communities. The same applies to an increase in the Asian population, leading to an increase in homogenous Asian neighborhoods and a decrease in predominantly white neighborhoods.

While 33% of the population living in “strongly segregated” neighborhoods is still not ideal, the shift over the past ten years is encouraging for proponents of Los Angeles diversity. One can only hope that with continued economic expansion, and hopefully with that expansion benefiting all classes of society, the trend towards diversity will continue.

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