Largest Ikea In America Opens In Burbank

Largest Ikea In America Opens In Burbank

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Largest Ikea In America Opens In Burbank

This past Wednesday, February 8, Ikea opened the doors to a brand new, 456,000 square foot Burbank location, which is now Ikea’s largest location in America.  The grand opening was marked with giveaways of free sofas to the first 26 visitors, and free chairs to the next 100 visitors.

The new location (located at 600 Ikea Way, Burbank, CA 91502) is just one block away from the old Burbank location, but is now twice the size of the previous location.  The new largest Ikea location in American is complete with everything you would expect of a store sitting on 22 acres of land.  It also hosts 1,700 parking spots (all of which are allocated exclusively to the store, and not shared with others), 50 different room settings (as opposed to 40 in the previous store), and a 600-seat restaurant (as opposed to less than 200 in the previous store).  To top it off, the new location carries all 10,000 items that Ikea sells, not just the measly 7,500 items sold in the previous Burbank.

The new store is also designed to reward return customers.  It contains seven “secret” shortcuts that customers can use to bypass departments they are not interested in.  The previous location contained only five such shortcuts.  A spokesperson for the store noted that the new layout is intended to be less crowded, and offers a more relaxing shopping experience.  The parking and loading spaces are also intended to be more easily accessible and less confusing.  Overall, the new location promises a more pleasurable shopping experience for Ikea customers.

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