4 Best Christmas Lights Neighborhoods In Los Angeles

4 Best Christmas Lights Neighborhoods In Los Angeles

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4 Best Christmas Lights Neighborhoods In LA

While Los Angeles may not be the best city for experiencing a white Christmas, there are many neighborhoods that express their holiday spirit with Christmas lights on display.

1. Sleepy Hollow Christmas Lights In Torrance

Starting after Thanksgiving, residents in this quiet Torrance neighborhood decorate their tree-lined streets with lights and displays. Many kids in the neighborhood will also set up stands selling hot chocolate and other holiday items. Street traffic can be a bit of a nuisance, so feel free to park your car and go for a stroll through the neighborhood for a more relaxed viewing experience. If you’re lucky, you may even run into Santa Clause on a vehicular sled, courtesy of the Torrance Police Department. The neighborhood can be found just northeast of the intersection of Pacific Coast Highway and Calle Mayor in South Torrance.

2.  Candy Cane Lane In Woodland Hills

For over 60 years, the homeowners on an eight block stretch in Woodland Hills have blanketed their homes in Christmas lights.  Their website states that the homeowners began this tradition as a service to the community in 1952.  Candy Cane Lane located at the intersection of Lubao and Oxnard Streets (by Pierce Collage) in Woodland Hills.

3.  Upper Hastings Ranch In Pasadena

Each year the residents of this Pasadena neighborhood assign different themes for each block, making this a uniquely coordinated display.  The neighborhood can be found just northeast of the intersection of Sierra Madre Blvd. and Michillinda Ave.  The consensus this year, however, is that the display is not what it used to be, so time may be running out to check out this decades-old tradition.

4.  Candy Cane Lane In El Segundo

Not to be bested by their neighbors in Torrance, the residents of these 26 homes on the 1200 block of East Acacia in El Segundo have been putting up lights since 1949.  The street is closed to traffic, so be prepared to park and bring your walking shoes.

If you have other suggestions or recommendations for Los Angeles neighborhoods with impressive Christmas light displays, feel free to leave a comment below.

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