Bruno Mars Purchases $6.5m Studio City Estate

Bruno Mars Purchases $6.5m Studio City Estate

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Bruno Mars Purchases $6.5m Studio City Estate

Things are going well from Grammy-winning singer Bruno Mars, who recently spent $6.5m to purchase a 7 bedroom, 8 bathroom, 9,033 square foot home in Studio City situated on over 2 acres of land. The home was purchased in September of 2014 through an appropriately named entity called Hidden Palace, LLC, a limited liability company registered in Delaware, which allowed Bruno Mars to temporarily hide the purchase from the public. Unfortunately for Bruno Mars, the proverbial cat is now out of the bag.

Listing History of Bruno Mars’s Estate

The estate, located at 11986 Lockridge Road, Studio City, CA, was last purchased in July of 2013 by Elvira Kudryashova, the daughter of Kazakh oligarch Viktor Khrapunov, for $5.7m. The property website from that listing, complete with a photo tour, is still up and available here.

Ms. Khrapunov flipped the house back onto the market in March of 2014, only eight months later, at an optimistic list price of $7.787m. She dropped the price in on May 13, 2014 to $7.299m, and dropped it again only eight days later to $6.787m. Bruno Mars purchased the property on September 5, 2014 for a “steal” of $6.5m.

Property Description of the Bruno Mars Estate

The property is described as an “entertainer’s resort” on two private acres of land within a double-gated community. In addition to the seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms in a 9,033 square foot home, it boasts a beautiful infinity pool and spa with breathtaking views, a heated cabana and covered lounge area, a children’s playground, a wine cellar, and more.  An overhead view of the property is below, and additional pictures are available on Zillow, linked here.

Bruno Mars Esquire Real Estate Brokerage Overhead

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